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Kitten Wait List - June 1, 2021

We are accepting new kitten reservations, and do not require a wait-list deposit. Please read our cattery policies below before submitting an application.  

Kitten applications  may be returned by Email or Post. 

 Send us an Email if you have any questions

Available kittens will be listed on the Kittens page of our website.  After we post kitten availability, families on our waitlist have three days to select a kitten.  After that time, kittens are available on a first-come basis. 

We are a small cooperative of four families raising kittens underfoot with love and commotion.  Kittens raised as part of a family are more confident, gentler, and make nicer pets. They leave for new homes at 12 - 16 weeks of age.

Correspondence: We try to respond to email daily (though we sometimes get behind).  Due to time constraints, we limit phone calls to families with reservations who have concerns regarding allergen issues.  

Wait List: The wait for a kitten from our cattery is 3-6 months for Normal / Untested kittens, and 6-18 months for lowest allergen kittens.  Our wait list tends to look longer than it is - we do not require deposits, and some folks have specific gender / color preferences and skip a litter when kittens are available. 

Shipping:  We are located near Salem Oregon, and prefer local placements where familes can pick up their kitten.  We are willing to ship on direct flights from PDX using Alaska or Delta Air Cargo.  Shipping, kitten carriers, flight certificates, and airport transport charges averages $450 - $500 per kitten.

Color & Gender:  When possible, we try to meet color and gender requests. Very few kittens are suitable for homes with moderate to severe allergies, so families need to be flexible. We allow two “skips” for color, gender, or other reasons. 

Returns:  All kittens may be returned for 15-day return for any reason, and ask that a vet exam is scheduled within that time.  Tested kittens may be returned for 90 if families have allergic reactions.  We reserve the right to charge a $400 fee for kittens returned after a 3-days.

Allergies:   We have placed kittens in homes with very severe reactions to cats (anaphalaxis and hives), and also where individuals have had reactions to Siberians from other catteries. Where folks are allergic to horses, rabbits, gerbils or mice (or food allergies to egg or meat), even the lowest Fel d1 allergen Siberians may cause reactions.  Severe cat allergies should be assessed carefully before considering purchase of a kitten. We review allergic reactions, start with fur samples, and can schedule a cattery visit if needed.

Our wait list for kitten in the lowest ranges tends to be long.  We license Fel d1 saliva testing of kittens to several catteries, and maintain a list on our  Kitten Testing website.  These catteries in the US & Canada saliva testing of kittens, and have offered allergen tested kittens at least once in the past year.

Prices:  The prices listed on our application are the “current price” at the time, and may not reflect the price when a kitten becomes available  We reserve the right to change prices without notice. When tested litters become available,  the price for each kitten will be listed based on their allergen level.   

07/14/21.  Prices of Siberianshave increased sharply during the past two years.  There are considerable costs involved with breeding for low allergen, testing kittens and holding them longer - and few kittens test in the lowest ranges. Our prices for low allergen kittens will be increased on litters sold after August 1st, 2021.

The allergen chart shown was created by our cattery, and is helpful in understanding the severity of allergic reactions to cats. Compare the chart reactions to the worst symptoms you would expect if you snuggled with a normal-allergen cat. 

* Prices as of January 2021.  We expect to increase prices for kittens in the lower allergen ranges, as the price for untested Siberians has increased so far in the past year.

$2000 Untested             Allergen levels will vary from low - normal.
$2000 Normal                Normal (high) allergen, not for homes with cat allergies
$2400 Medium Low      M
ild eye irritation and stuffy nose from cat allergies 
$3200 Low allergen       Runny nose, severe eye irritation, coughing 
$4200 Very Low             Itchy skin, light sneezing, severe runny nose, asthma
$5600 Extremely Low   Hives, swelling, sneezing, breathing difficulties, asthma

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Kitten Reservations  - last updated June 20th, 2021*
Families are always allowed to select a kitten an allergen level up or down from what was requested.  
We review applications after 12-18 months. Applications will be dropped or moved to the end of the wait list when folks skip 2 litters of the allergen level and gender requested.  We drop applications for lack of response to email or phone calls regarding kitten availability. If your plans change, please be courteous and let us know.

Name # Allergen Level
OR Dmitri M 1 Normal
OR Charlie H 2 Low
OR Jeanine H 1 Very Low
NV Patricia F 1 Low
CA Shanyi G 2 Medium
CA Jeffrey L 1 Ex Low
MD Ellie H 1 Ex Low
CO Alyson D 1 Ex Low
CA Veronica T 1 Ex Low
CA Erinn H 1 Ex Low
WA Joyce & Jason 1 Ex Low
WA Mary B 1 Very Low
CA Rebecca G 1 Ex Low
OR Bailey O 1 Low
OR Dan C 1 Low
CA Isra S 1 Medium
CA Franz V 1 Ex Low
CA Elizabeth T 1 Ex low
WA Candace O 1 Very Low
CA Ray & Cristine 1 Very Low
OR Tamara & Chris 1 Low
OR Bill & Renee 1 Ex Low
CA Ginel H 2 Low
CA Lauren K 1 Low
OR Brenda P 1 Untested
CA Cristine S 1 Ex low
WA Amara S 1 Low
WA Karey C 1 Untested
AK Jennifer & Tyler 1 Low
OR Cathenne B 1 Normal
CA Sirin H 1 Very Low
CA Stephanie D 1 Very Low
CA Laurel A 2 Medium
CA Nina T 1 Ex Low
WA Karen J 1 Normal
OR John M 1 Normal
WA Jennifer S 1 Medium
WA Susie T 1 Very Low
CA Abi K 1 Untested
CA Jackson H 1 Low
WA Cindy L 1 Normal
CA Brina S 1 Very Low
CA Matt D 1 Low
CA Sarah & Dustin 1 Low
CO Vickie X 1 Ex Low
OR Ellen L 1 Very Low
OR Makenna E 1 Very Low
CA Dania B 1 Very Low
OR Helene & Drew 1 Ex Low
OR Sarah N 1 Normal / Untested
OR Kelly R 2 Low
WA Leila J 1 Medium
CA Celine-Ellie 1 Low


We license the use of Test Kits for measuring allergen production in kittens to several other Siberian catteries.  Commercial use of the allergen charts and related information is restricted to clients of KittenTesting.  For a current list of catteries that are providing allergen tested kittens, or for more information on testing Fel d1 allergen levels, see

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