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Kitten Wait List 

Our Kitten Application may be returned by email or post.  We ask that you read the comments on this page, and review our “Allergy" page if any family member is allergic to cats. 

As of June 2020, our reservation list is longer than typical, and normally would have been closed by this point.  Based on current reservations, the wait for new applications could be 18 months.  We ask that families on our list let us know if plans change.   

Shipping kittens by Air Cargo during 2020 has been restricted to cities with direct flights.  We are shipping from PDX.  There may be additional fees in addition to our standard shipping fees of $450.  Flight cancellations and last-minute changes to flights are to be expected.  

Due to Covid 19, we have been providing fur samples for allergy testing, but are not scheduling cattery visits for allergy testing. We will be as flexible as we can, but families with allergies to horses, rabbits, or food allergies to pork/beef will be required to bring the allergic individual and pickup their kitten in person. These reactions account for the majority of failed placements of tested low allergen kittens. 

We have an “open” wait list (we don’t require deposits), and typically half the families on our list actually purchase a kitten.  If you have a reservation but do not plan to purchase a kitten in 2020, please contact us and we can drop your application. This helps allow other families additional time to make plans to welcome their new kitten.  

We review our prices once each calendar year, and change them without notice.  We do not require a deposit for Applications, but please notify us if you apply to another cattery or if your plans change.  We reserve the right to remove applications from our wait list for any of the following: After twelve months from the date of application,  No response to an email from us requesting a status update, skipping 2 litters when kittens are the color and allergen level you requested.  Please note, we do not guarantee color preferences for the lowest allergen levels.


Kitten Prices for 2020 - Untested Siberian Kittens $1200

We sell some kittens at 12 weeks of age without allergen testing.  We guarantee allergy placement for tested kittens, and do not ship untested kittens to homes with cat allergies. Our return is 3-days for any reason, though return fees may apply.  We offer a single $200 discount when two untested kittens are purchased from the same litter.


Tested Fel d1 allergen level - Individually priced based on allergen level.

Price   Allergen level of the Kitten       Allergic Reaction by Severity ©

$1200   Normal                (3.5–16 mcg)           Not for homes with cat allergies.
$1800   Medium Low      (2.5–3.5 mcg)         Mild eye irritation and stuffy nose from cat allergies
$2800   Low                      (1.75–2.5 mcg)        Runny nose, severe eye irritation, coughing
$4000   Very Low            (1.0–1.75 mcg)         Itchy skin, light sneezing, severe runny nose,  mild asthma
$5200   Extremely Low  (0.5- 1.0 mcg)          Hives, swelling, sneezing, breathing difficulties, asthma

The best way to understand the chart above is to match your reactions to the worst symptoms you would expect if you held a cat in your lap or snuggled it to your face.  We offer a 90 day return policy for allergies to tested kittens..  We may be unable to meet color and gender preference on Very Low or Extremely Low allergen kittens. 

If any family member is allergic to horses or rabbits, or has food allergies to egg or meat, even the lowest Fel d1 allergen Siberians may cause moderate to severe reactions.  Families with multiple allergies, will need to test with fur samples, and a cattery visit may be required.

Kitten Reservations, updated June 5th.  Please note, we expect to keep 1-2 kittens during 2020 for our breeding program.  

CA   Kristin H.   1   Very Low   Female
OR   Ellen L.   2   Medium   ~
CA   Alex W.   1   Ex Low   ~
CA   Said N.   1   Ex Low   Female
CA   Jennifer C.   1   Low / VL   ~
OR   Sonia S.   1   Medium   Male
OR   Jen G.   1   Low   Male
CA   Sabaa T.   1   Ex low   ~
CA   Judy L.   1-2   Low   Male
OR   Dmitri M.   1   Normal   Male
WA   Jennifer B.   1   Very Low   ~
CA   Alece G.   1   Medium   Female
OR   Janis P.   1   Very Low   Male
CA   Jana B.   1   Ex. Low   Female
CA   Nina N.   1   Low / Med   Female
CA   Debbie W.   2   Low   ~
WA   Kelly H.   1   Ex Low   Male
CA   Ian R.   1   Very Low   ~
CA   Rajneesh D.   1   Normal   Male
WA   Krista J.   1   Normal   ~
CA   Emma M.   1   Med / Normal   ~
OR   Charlie H.   2   Low / Med   ~
OR   Brenda P.   1   Med / Normal   ~
OR   Nancy Z.   1   Normal   ~
OR   Nicole H.   1   Very Low   ~
NV   Patricia F.   1   Low / Normal   Female
CA   Cameron W   1   Ex Low   ~
CA   Eleanor R.   1   Very Low / Low   Female
WA   Ryan J.   1   Medium   ~
CA   Upeka B.   1   Med / Normal   Female
OR   Heidi S.   2   Normal   ~
CA   Andrew T.   1   Normal   ~
MO   Joshua T.   1   Ex low   Male
CO   Amy N   1   Normal   Male
WA   Jules S.   1   Normal   ~
WA   Sayali K.   1   Normal   ~
CA   Logan A   1   Medium   ~
CA   Owais S.   1   Med / Normal   ~
OR   Natalie H   1   Normal   ~
OR   Nicole L   1   Normal   ~
OR   Elizabeth P   1   Normal   ~
OR   Katherine G   1   Normal   ~
CA   Andrew S   1   Normal   Female
WA   Jeremy G   1   Ex Low   ~
CA   Marty L   1   Medium   ~
CA   Yvette L   1   Very Low / Low   ~
CA   Ronit F   1   Low / Med   Male
CA   Na J.   1   Med / Normal   ~
WA   Tracy D.   1   Ex Low   ~
OR   Melissa G.   1   Med / Normal   Female
CA   Stephanie E.   1   Med / Normal   Female
OR   Paige J.   1   Medium   ~
CO   Charles S   2   Medium   Male
OR   Noelle J   1   Normal   Male
CA   N. C.   1   Very Low   ~
CA   Deborah C.   1   Med / Normal   Female
OR   Brian S   1   Normal   ~
CA   Dorothy W   1   Normal   Male
CA   Elizabeth J   1   Very Low   Male
CA   Vasey H   2   Low / Med   Male & Female
CA   Amber F   1   Low / Med   Female
CA   Erica C   1   Low / Med   Female
OR   Tracy W   1   Normal   ~
TX   Christine M   1   Ex Low   ~


© The chart of Allergy Levels & Reaction listed above was first copyrighted in 2005 and the revision shown was copyrighted in 2015 by Meredith Lundberg, DBA Lundberg Siberians,   All rights reserved, unauthorized commercial use is prohibited.

We license the use of Test Kits for measuring allergen production in kittens to several other Siberian catteries.  Commercial use of the allergen charts and related information is restricted to clients of KittenTesting.  For a current list of catteries that are providing allergen tested kittens, or for more information on testing Fel d1 allergen levels, see

U© Meredith Lundberg 2015