photo courtesy of Sarah Starr Photography, Salem Oregon.

Our “Kittens” page is updated weekly, and is the best way to follow availability. When kittens become available for adoption we post a notice here on the Kittens Page, and send familes an email. We place allergen tested kittens with a 90 day return policy.   Cattery policies, length of our wait list, and our Kitten Application are listed on our Reservations page.  


SiberLove Swahili “Sasha” x Angara Malusha.  Kittens 08/30/21

Shasha “aka Muffy” has five little kittens.  The boys are black tabbies, and the girls are black tabby or black torbie (with red).  Muffy is a Black Golden Torbie, and the kittens will have warm tones.  This litter is expected to be sold untested, and will be raised by Chris in Boring OR

Ivan ~ Black Mackerel Tabby boy
Inna ~ Black Mackerel Tabby girl
Inga ~ Black Torbie girl
Ivanka ~ Black Torbie girl
Isadora ~ Black Torbie girl

I-Litter 100321


Maplewoods Elsa x Angara Malusha   Kittens due 11/28/21
Kittens are expected to be a mix of tabbies and colorpoints, some with red.   Allergen levels are expected to vary from Very Low to Medium.  We expect to test this litter for Fel d 1 allergen levels.  This litter will be raised by Sarah and her family in Salem OR.

Lundberg Oona x Angara Malusha.  Kittens due 12/08/21
We expect to see very low allergen kittens from this mating. The last litter had a mix of warm tabbies and colorpoints.  This litter will be tested for allergen levels.  Kittens are raised in Portland by the Porter family.

Winter Matings 
- Angara Cheri
- Angara Sonya

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