photo courtesy Sarah Starr Photography, Salem Oregon.

Current litters are reserved for families with reservations.
Our Kitten Webpage is updated monthly. When kittens are available, we post availability here and notify families on our wait list. Kitten adventures are posted on
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“R-Litter ~ DOB 08/17/22.                 SOLD
Lundberg Oona x Angara Malusha

Roxie - Allergen Normal
Female Blue Lynx Point - Red collar

Ree - Allergen Very Low
Blue Amber Tabby w/white - Dark pink collar

Raven - Allergen Low
Female Black Amber Mackerel Tabby /white - Light Pink collar

Rebel - Allergen Medium
Male Black Amber Mackerel Tabby /white - Purple collar

Romeo - Allergen Low
Male Black Amber Spotted Tabby /white - Green collar

Raymond - Exceptionally Low
Male Blue Amber Spotted Tabby - Orange Collar


T-Litter ~ DOB 11/04/22
SiberLove Swahili x Angara Malusha

Swahili has four kittens, a grey tabby and what looks to be three torbie girls.  Kittens in this litter will not be allergen tested. Fel d1 allergen levels are expected to be normal.  Kitten selection will be mid December (before Christmas), with kittens leaving for new homes in January.  

Tchaikovskiya  -  Female Black Mackerel Torbie (flame on forehead)

Tetris  - Female Black Mackerel Torbie (orange nose)

Tempest  - Male Black Mackerel Tabby

Tibbalt  - Gray Mackerel Tabby


SarSibi Lapochka “Nora” x Simuran Kevin
Kittens due around 12/28/22

Christmas Kittens are expected to be a mix of amber classic and amber mackerel tabbies.


Planned Litters:  We will be breeding four queens over the coming months as they come into heat.  

Sullivan Sweet Sabrina
  Seal Lynxpoint Female

Angara Cheri
  Black Amber Classic Tabby w/White

Lundberg Griffina
   Blue Spotted Tabby

Angara Sonya
   Black Patched Tabby

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