Kitten Reservations

Sandy L.         CA  ex. low 

Rebecca T     TX  ex. low

Carol S.         OR  low

Isabelle D      CA  very low

Tom C           NY   low - ex. low

Suzy H         BC   medium

Anthony P    NV  low - med.

Christian B   CA  very low

Rhea S.           CA  very low

Mary-Ellen    OR  very low

Jennifer M     OR  medium

Lundberg Rufina x Lundberg Padoro  ~ Born 01/18/17

Rufina’s kittens are nine weeks now.  The are at a playful age, and quite cute. Little comments about each are listed on their individual pages below. 

From left to right: Gavin - Gandalf - Gracie - Ginger     


Nevsky Taina x Lundberg Padoro ~
Bred in early March

Lundberg Sophie x Lundberg Padoro
Sophie will be bred soon.

Maplewoods Elsa x
Elsa will be bred early summer.

Lundberg Draginia Ninja Foo
Draginia will be bred for Christmas Kittens


Allergic Reaction by Severity                                                            Recommended Allergen Level 

Hives, swelling, severe sneezing, breathing difficulties, asthma          Extremely Low        0.08–1.0 mcg Fel d1

Itchy skin, light sneezing, severe runny nose,  mild asthma                  Very Low                  1.0–1.75 mcg Fel d1

Runny nose, severe eye irritation, coughing                                              Low                           1.75–2.5 mcg Fel d1

Mild eye irritation and stuffy nose from cat allergies                              Medium Low           2.5–3.5 mcg Fel d1

No allergy symptoms                                                                                      Mild-Normal            3.5–16 mcg Fel- d1

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