Lundberg Zorro, walking in the snow.  It is easy to train Siberians to a leash. 

Allergy Testing & Cattery Visit

When cat allergies are moderate to severe, we should discuss the issue before submitting an application. We can begin with fur samples or a visit to the cattery. Fur samples from a tested very low Fel-d1 Siberian are a nice starting point.  Individuals allergic to horses, & rabbits, or with food allergies to milk, eggs, pork or beef should spend time with a low allergen Siberian prior to purchase.  We have a $100 fee for reviewing potential reactions, send fur samples, and arrange a cattery vist.   Notes on Testing with Fur Samples 

Kitten Application

We keep current litters updated on our Kittens page.  Our Kitten Application covers questions regarding allergies, as many of the families we work with are allergic to cats.

Roughly half of Siberians have allergen levels lower than other breeds.  Less than 15% will test in the lowest two allergen levels shown below.  Our typical wait list for tested kittens in the lowest two ranges is 6-12 months.  Normal allergen kittens should be available witin 3 months.

Individuals with mild reactions to cats may wish to consider Untested kittens.  Spending time with a kitten that is 12-14 weeks old is a good predictor of reactions.  Occasionally we allow families to select their kitten prior to that age based on color, but we do not recommend it with allergies.

Testing with Fur

Kitten Care Guide

Before your kitten comes home, please read and print our Kitten Care Guide.  It covers many things we have learned in the last decade - foods, allergies, and hazards that might  cost your Kitten one or more of “Nine Lives”.   We know, pages without lots of kitty pictures really boring, but your Kitten would like you to read it to them.   =^..^=

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