Adult Cats

Angara Cheri

Sire: GC, AW Folie a Duex Harold Hill of Angara

Dam: Angara Petunia

Black Classic Tabby w/white

Allergen 0.36 ~
Exceptionally Low 

DOB 04-01-2017

Owner: Meredith Lundberg
Stayton, Oregon

“Kitten Bug” in  her outdoor cat run, enjoying sunshine.


Whites Elsa

Angara Stoli

Whites Zeva

Black Torbie Mackerel

Allergen 1.1 mcg ~ Very Low

DOB 09-11-14

Owner: Meredith Lundberg,

Stayton, Oregon

Lundberg Draginia
Ninja Foo

Daisley Hansel

Lundberg Rufina

Black Lynx Point w. White

Allergen:  Extremely. Low

DOB 10-01-13

Owner: Ruxy Lazarescu
Portland, Oregon

Skyblue Sophie

PreciousPaws Sophie 

Siberian Samotsvet Zhavoronok

PreciousPaws Gracious Gift

Gray Lynx Point w/White

Allergen - Extremely Low

DOB 11-02-11

Owner: Sarah Starr, 
Salem Oregon

Skyblue Hermione

Sire:  StThomas Pavel Lx.

Dam: PreciousPaws Sophie

Black Mackerel Tabby w/white

Allergen Level - Low

DOB 02/15/2013

Owner: Hermione is leased from Liz Daisley, and cared for in Boring Oregon by Chris McClelland.

Sibericat Lucille “Maple"

Siberlynx Born to Run

Bravada Purrty Woman

Lynx Point

Allergen Level - Normal

DOB  08/24/14

Owner: Maple is on lease from Daisley Siberians, and cared for Chris McClelland. 
in Boring Oregon.

Dawnsnow Barracuda

Sire:  Shadowlawn Midnight 

Dam: Siber Angatos Blossom

Warm Black Mackerel Tabby

Allergen Level - Low

DOB  02-17-16

Our first few matings with Barracuda have produceded kittens with good allergen levels.  We expect to see more low kittens in spring and sumnmer 2018.

Owner: Cudda is on lease from Daisley Siberians, and cared for Chris McClelland. in Boring Oregon.


Understanding Allergen Levels

Large scale testing performed by Lundberg Siberians in combinaation with UC Davis has shown that all cats, including Siberians, produce some Fel d1. Saliva testing tends to be more reliable than fur tests, but is also subject to several biological errors. We test our breeding Siberians using the same 3-part method as the kittens, as it is far more accurate than earlier test methods.  See for more details.

Saliva Test Range for Adult Siberians is 0.25 to 16 mcg
Results from 0.008 to 27 mcg have been reported, but the outer ranges were not at statistical significance.

Fur Test Range for Adult Siberians is 20 mcg - 400 mcg
Results from 5mg to 950 mcg have been reported, but not at statistical significance./

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